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How to Order Calls
How to Start and Stop a Campaign
How to do a Test Call
How did I Lose so much Data after I loaded it?
How to extract data to load into another campaign.
How to load data into the data library
How to adjust for Time Zones
How to extract data from an existing campaign

How to use a SIP instead of a phone number to transfer calls: The following is for other providers may vary.
To use a SIP there are a few things you need to do. For this application we use both your did phone number and the ip address.....
1) Get a sip number from your transfer company like 800link etc. It will look like this example:
1a) Whoever will accept your transfers like 800link etc. you will need to ask them to "whitelist" our ip address
2) Also get a local phone number from 800link
3) Set your Transfer Type to SIP
4) In the SIP Host put in the number and ip address like this example including the 1 in the front of the number
(include :5060 after the ip address) 13073445301@
5) In the SIP Extension enter the phone number like this 3073445301

Here is the example:
How to read a CDR
Date, Time, Phone, Seconds, Disposition, DialerInfo, CallInfo, extraCallInfo REHASH

    HA - Hungup after listening to entire message
    HU - Hungup in middle of message
    HN - Hangup no message (for Machine only projects)
    MA - Machine Answered, machine message delivered
    MN - Machine No message (for Live only projects)
    FA - Fax Answered
    BA - Bad number
    NA - No Answer
    AC - Agent Connect
    AB - Agent Busy
    AN - Agent No Answer
    DA - Prospect Did not Answer the Agent Transfer
    ER - Error message
    EN - The call did not go through... Usually a non-subscribed number or a bad number

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